Send notifications emails through SMTP

One of the most basic notifiers is e-mails through SMTP. SMTP configuration has following fields:

  1. host - SMTP server host name (default: localhost)
  2. port - SMTP server port number (default: 25)
  3. user - User for TLS authentication, also sender (default: first recipient)
  4. password - User’s password if TLS authentication is on (default: "")
  5. recipients - list of e-mails, who will receive the notification (required)
  6. subject - E-mail subject (default: check name)

First four fields (host, port, user, password) are credentials and must be stored in kibitzr-creds.yml. Recipients and subject are defined in each check.

E-mail configuration

Recipients list can also be just one string for brevity. Subject can be omitted, than check’s name will be used.

Following configurations are equivalent:

  - name: short
      - smtp:

  - name: middle
      - smtp:

  - name: full
      - smtp:
          subject: Kibitzr update for full

Server configuration

Server credentials should be stored in kibitzr-creds.yml. Here is an example for Gmail:

    port: 587
    password: (sat;hfsDA5wa@$%^jh

If there is smtp section in kibitzr-creds.yml, Kibitzr will try to use localhost:25. From field will be equal to first recipient. If server authentication is turned on, password will be sent empty.